Maritime Facilitation Center

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Maritime Facilitation Center

Sri Lanka Port Authority plays a major role in the Sri Lankan Economy, specially in the area of Port operations. It contributes to about 95% of the international trade operations of Sri Lanka. Colombo Port is situated at a Central location to the Indian Subcontinant and international markets and hence it has a strategic benefit as one of the most profitable transhipmant center.

The staff of the Sri Lankan Port Authority are stationed at several locations at present, and this situation has been a reason for the reduced productivity. A substantial extent of Port land has been utilized for this purpose. Further, certain shipping lines and other port related organizations maintain their office facilities at temporary locations close to Colombo Port.

The Proposed Maritime Facilitation Center is a 17 storeyed building constructed in a land at Lotus Road, Colombo 01, which belongs to Sri Lanka Ports Authority. This Center will contribute to improve efficiency of the Port service provided by Sri Lanka Ports Authority while accommodating all staff of the Authority and other related organizations at one location. It will facilitate paperless online office systems to provide improved facilities to the Port users.

Construction of the Port Access Elevated Highway through the Port premises is being implement by the Road Development Authority. The proposed Maritime Facilitation Center is implemented jointhly by Sri Lanka Ports Authority and Road Development Authority under funds provided by Asian Development Bank.

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Last Updated (YYYY-MM-DD) : 2023-05-31
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CCECC – CRCG Joint Venture

Commencement Date

July 07, 2021

Completion Date

July 06, 2023

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Rs.4.999 Billion

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