Eng. K.W. Kandambi

It is with great pleasure that we mark the occasion of launching of the website for the Port Access Elevated Highway Project. As the progress of construction has passed the 50% limit recently, I consider this as the most appropriate time for introducing the website.

Port Access Elevated Highway Project consists of a 5.3 km long 4-lane elevated expressway with ramps providing entry from and exit to the Colombo Port City, Colombo Port and also to the Colombo City Center. The Highway connects the economic hub comprising Colombo Port and Port City to the expressway network of Sri Lanka. The Highway, when completed, will contribute reducing traffic congestion in city roads and will provide speedy access for the investors of the Colombo Port City.

The Project is implemented through a loan obtained from the Asian Development Bank. Ministry of Highways and Road Development Authority are the implementing and executing agencies respectively. The Project value is US$ 140 million. Construction work was started in September 2019, and it was initially planned to be completed in 3 years, i.e. by September 2022. However, due to Covid -19 pandemic and the economic crisis situation of the Country, the completion date would be extended until about March 2024.

The construction work has been undertaken by a Chinese construction firm CCECC-HPRB-HNRBI JV which is specialized in construction of elevated structures especially precast post tensioned concrete box girder manufacturing and installation. The construction technique using precast concrete box girder segments is a unique feature which is adopted for the first time in Sri Lanka. The construction work is supervised by Sheladia-Roughton-MGC JV which is a joint venture between two consultancy firms (US and UK based) and a Sri Lankan consultancy firm.

Construction of the Highway under the Project is a challenging task, due to the numerous restrictions on site. It is constructed through the land belongs to Colombo Port, while Port operations are going on. Minimum disturbance to port operations during construction, and identification and protection of existing utilities are the major challenges face by the Project Team.

As one of the highest priority projects of the Government of Sri Lanka, all stakeholders of the Project are keen on achieving timely completion of the Project. This website will provide vital information on the Project for the stakeholders and general public who are interested in the Project.

Eng. K.W. Kandambi
Project Director – Port Access Elevated Highyway Project